NetCol5000-A Series (Air-cooled, In-row)

Air conditioner installs between IT racks and closely couples with heat sources to supply in-row cooling for medium- and high-density data centers.

Contains DC inverter compressors, Electronically Commutated (EC) fans, Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) electric heaters, and electrode humidifiers. Cooling capacity ranges from 20 kW to 35 kW; supports piping and cabling from top to bottom and also is accessible from front and rear.

Enhance green data centers by installing Huawei’s next-generation air conditioners — efficient, reliable, easy to install and maintain.


Build a Data Center that features a highly reliable, efficient, and easily accessible inverter air conditioner

  • Efficient: uses DC inverter and EC fan technologies; features automatic cooling modulation; ideal for data center cooling systems with an IPLV up to 4.0; saves 30% more energy compared to conventional air conditioners
  • Reliable: runs steadily at 55oC with less cooling capacity decay; DC converter startup current is lower than rated, reducing grid impact; advanced condensation-prevention logic and air outlet insulation help avoid condensation and ensure safe operations
  • Convenient: compressor mounts using Rotalock support on-site replacement without brazing; graphical grouping control function controls a maximum of 32 air conditioners concurrently and enables precise evaluation and management for reserved capacity and real-time power consumption


Item NetCol5000-A035H
Total cooling capacity 35 kW
Sensible cooling capacity 35 kW
Air volume 6,500 m3/h
Power supply 380V to 415V/3 Ph/50 Hz, 380V to 415V/3 Ph/60 Hz, 440V to 480V/3 Ph/60 Hz
Refrigerant R410A
Electric heating capacity 6 kW
Humidifier capacity 3 kg/h
Dimensions (W x D x H) 600 mm x 1,100 mm x 2,000 mm
Net weight 350 kg